Ms December – VGCA Proud to announce 6th PLACE winner

I’ve dreamed as a child that one day I would have a corvette. I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build two very custom corvettes and did all the work myself. Yes, all by myself. I love the many opportunities and friends I’ve made since buying my corvettes. People have no idea that you don’t just buy a corvette, you become a part of a much bigger thing. For me, it has been travel, cruises, racing venues, parties, shows, posters, calendars, a book and fantastic friends from all over the world that have become like family to me. Corvettes are the only car I’ve ever known and experienced that keeps giving back in so many ways. I’m so lucky to drive a car so many people dream of. Having a custom vette makes it just that much sweeter. Now that’s pretty awesome.