Color Changes are Coming Immediately to the 2016 Corvette

Any time we hear about color changes on new Corvettes, its pretty big news.

This morning we received an update on Corvette production from Mike Furman at Criswell Chevrolet. It looks like two colors are being phased out of 2016’s production – Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic. The good news is that an early build-out usually signifies new color exteriors for the next model year.

What this also means is that if you wanted a Corvette with either of these colors, the end date to build your own is rapidly approaching.

Mike also tells us that the last day to order a Night Race Blue Corvette will be November 12th while Daytona Sunrise Orange is available to order through December 17th. Night Race Blue will then disappear from the Corvette color palate by the end of December while Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic will hang on through January.