Wowthatsitdetailingspray”. This amazing detail product was created by Sabrina Lynn and Rosalind Stokes

One amazing vendor that we met sold a detailing product called“Wowthatsitdetailingspray”. This amazing detail product was created by Sabrina Lynn and Rosalind Stokes. Sabrina a former Chemist for twenty-five years and Roslind a retired nurse began selling this product in April of 2016. Sabrina wearing a classic white demin jacket explained that her product is actually made in her kitchen! These two single women both from Laurel, Maryland have been friends for only five years.
Rosalind is also the Assistant Chaplain of “Top Flight Corvette Club” in the Washington DC area of which Sabrina is also a member. Both are proud corvette enthusiasts. Roslind owns a beautiful yellow 2008 coupe. She obviously spared no expense to make her yellow with yellow and black interior a work of art. Sabrina owns a white 1980 coupe with dark blue interior. Sabrina’s classic C3 is no joke either. She’s not only a skilled Chemist but also talented enough to install an Edelbrock Carburetor by herself! As well as installing the chrome under the hood and outside as well.
Rosalind demonstrated the product on a beautifully painted black C3. The owner tried it himself and was extremely pleased. Always a supporter of women in business I too bought a bottle and was also very impressed by the luminous shine on my hood. Even better it can used on the windshield as well.
I’m sure you will hear more about these ladies, they have already sold 2,000 bottles of Wowthatsitdetailingspray”. Selling in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Carlisle PA. Check out their website you’ll be pleasantly surprised (

Peace, Love & Corvettes

By: June Bartlett