The video comes to us courtesy of 1320video and we weren’t surprised to see that this particular C6, which has been dubbed the Corvette from Hell, hails from the Vengeance Racing shop. Needless to say, Vengeance has one of the best reputations around for producing tire-shredding, LS-powered machines. They also currently hold the half-mile record for a naturally aspirated vehicle and recently built the fastest C7 Z06 to date—as far as top speeds are concerned—in both the quarter- and half-mile. Their C7Z was also the first to eclipse the holy 1,000-horsepower mark.

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But enough of Vengeance’s accolades, lets get down to the nitty gritty. This particular C6, owned by Drue Macready, is sporting an all forged 427 cubic inch LS fed by twin 68/70 Precision turbos. The mill uses solid lifters and, by the sounds of it, has been built to spin to the moon and back. It also uses an air to water intercooler and Vengeance has seen fit to bestow it with a single plane intake manifold adorned with an intake elbow, presumably in the name of air flow and strength—which is understandable when you consider this beast is producing 22 pounds of boost as it sits.

A custom built 4-inch exhaust—which Macready tells us in the video is a first for any Corvette—pipes spent exhaust gases to the rear of the ‘Vette directly from the twin turbos. While we might not know the exact specs of the rest of the exhaust, we can tell you that it endows the car with a nasty snarl, the likes of which we have never heard. Even at idle, the car produces a nasty lope while the turbos anxiously whistle beneath it all.

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We are also treated to a quick chat with Vengeance Racing owner Ron Mowen who tells us that the car is currently setup to “tease” the audience, not necessarily produce everything it is capable of. We also learn that the car is currently on it’s “low boost” setting of just 22 pounds but is capable of producing up to 38. Mowen says that they have done several similar builds and that they typically make around 1,450 horsepower “on kill.”

We love the atmosphere that Street Car Takeover has created as they hosted the dyno day at Vengeance Racing headquarters in Cumming, Georgia. Bets are taken before the car even spins the rollers adding to the sophisticated ambiance that is the dyno day. Once the bets are collected, the ‘Vette hits the rack.

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And though the ‘Vette may be “turned down” it still makes an insane 1,277.29 horsepower at the rear wheels! Crazy by any measure for being on “low boost.” We’d love to see what this thing is capable of at 38 psi. We’re sure that Mowen is spot on predicting that it will make 1,400-1,500, but naturally we’d like to see for ourselves. One thing is sure though, Vengeance Racing sure can build ‘em. We’re envious of Macready but also a little relieved that it won’t be us smashing the loud pedal in this brute.

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