One of the biggest things that is taking place in the corvette world is the growth and impact of the female driving population. The primary objective is to let women of all ages know that anyone can own and drive a Corvette-and to “show off, just like the guys. I suppose there are a lot more women in manufacturing these days, but for a long time, it was very much a male-oriented profession.Just like the bikers, the women are coming out. So are we. So here is where you can get started

1. Make a Commitment, Then Set a Goal Decide on an exact date by when you want to by a corvette. Make sure the date is realistic and achievable. Is it two months, six months, one year? Set the date and write it down. If you’ve already been looking at corvettes, then set a goal by when you want to own one. The key here is writing your goal down and then checking in with it on a regular basis and socialize with one or a corvette club.

2. What do you want Buying a car is generally one of the biggest and most involved decisions that people have to make. Buying a corvette is extra important because chances are good that you’re making a substantial cash investment and a corvette isn’t just a grocery getter. You want it to be a descision you can look back on with pride and joy. So, how do you know you’re making the right purchase decisions. Actually, you can’t never be absoluteluy certain, but there are things you can do to make sure you have what you want.

  • The best way to start the corvette buying process is with researching and reflection
  • Attend car shows, meet & greets,
  • Get yourself a book about corvettes or read the corvette history
  • Do you want an automatic or manual transmission
  • Do you want a car to modify and race or just a classic crusiser
  • Do you plan to do a lot of restoration work to make this corvette
  • Do you want a used corvette or new corvette.
WHAT CAN YOU AFFORD? There’s no denying that Corvettes are expensive. A good Corvette of any year is a desirable sports car that many people will line up to buy at the market price, and that drives up costs across the board. START SHOPPING Once you know what kind of Corvette you’re looking for, and you have some hope of actually finding some examples in your price range to choose from, it’s time to start your search
CHOOSE A COUPLE OF CANDIDATES When you’ve done all this homework, chances are you’ve found at least a couple cars that meet your criteria. Don’t be afraid to seriously consider the first car you encounter, and don’t be afraid to wait months and keep your eyes open for the right car. You never know when it will come up. TEST DRIVE For most cars, a test drive is no big deal. But for Corvettes, because of the value of the car and the performance potential, sellers are sometimes justifiably wary of letting you drive off in their car. Don’t be offended if the seller insists on coming along for the ride, even though that means your spouse or friend has to wait.
GET EVERYTHING CHECKED OUT When you’ve got the candidates narrowed down, you have to spend some money on getting them checked out. This is especially important with newer used cars, as those can be the most expensive to fix. Plan on taking each car (or asking the seller to take the car) to a reputable mechanic who knows Corvettes. You should choose the mechanic, just for your own confidence. If the seller balks, just walk away from the transaction PICK A CAR & NEGOTIATE THE PRICE Chances are that when you get the mechanic’s report and Carfax report, you’ll know which candidate Corvette you want. Now comes the stressful period where you negotiate the purchase price. Sometimes it’s easy – the seller says “This is the price. Take it or leave it.” But more often, there’s an asking price and you have to decide what to offer.

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