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a lifelong love

Is it possible to have a crush on a car? “There is a romance with Corvettes, the same as people have for their Harleys,” said Meghan Evans of Longview. This is a woman who as a newborn was brought home from the hospital in a Corvette. She grew up working on the sport cars with her dad.

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Why Ever Mom should buy Corvette


Chevrolet’s mid-life crisis car – the Corvette or “Vette” has become synonymous with power, speed, dominance and sexual appeal. This would explain why so many male drivers tend to buy a Chevrolet Corvette -especially when they are clinging tenaciously to their youth.

But what about moms? Most importantly, what about women?

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Ladies who Received trophies @ Chosen Few Corvette Club, Fling Car Show, Columbus, Ohio