Contest Q & A

We had so many questions, concerns about kids, colleagues and men that it was a need for a question and answer for the calendar contest for next year and on.



If all goes well with the photos, no down time, calendars will be mailed out middle of November.

Q: Can you enter with swimsuit

No, You must be covered.

Q: Can you have 3 colleagues.

No, a colleague is with multiple photos on them. Even though it’s one click the bottom Line is you have more than three (3) photos. You can only have one (1) Colleague with Three photos only.

Q: Can you swap photos


Q: Will your numbers be carried over from the photo you swapping from.


Q: How does the count works

You submit your three separate photos we will take and add all three photos and that is your total. If you send in a colleague w/three photos that’s one vote, one click, one like on that one photo.

Q: Can men submit photos in for their wife, girlfriend, and friends

No, the women must submit the photo

Q: Can kids be submitted into the contest

No, ADULTS ONLY. Must be 21 years of age to enter

Q: How many times can you swap out photos?


Q: Where does the money goes that you collect from the calendar


Q: Can I put my photo on my page and they like it from there.

No, we will not go to each person page to see what their number counts are. All photos In one place to keep better record of contest.

Q: Can we submit a different photo from what was enter into the contest in the Calendar if you won.

No, only can be the photo that was in the contest.

Q: Can we have two months, birthday and anniversary?

No, There are 12 months for 12 different winners.

Q: What if more than one person has that month

The one with the highest number will get the first choice. You will have to choose another month.

Q: Can you use someone else corvette?

Yes, but that’s the one that will go into the calendar if you win. Example; you take your Photo with someone else car instead of yours, you win and now you want to put your Corvette in the calendar, that’s a NO. Whatever photos was entered into the contest is What you will go with.

Q: What do you want our Bio to say?

whatever you feel in your heart. It can be about your club, your passion for corvettes, your dream corvette that you will receive one day something short and sweet.