Ladies & Vettes: A Guide for the Female Corvette Enthusiast

Long-time Corvette enthusiasts, Terry Marshall, and June Bartlett noticed that the majority of the information covering Corvettes was geared towards men. Since the birth of the iconic Corvette in 1953, the Corvette has been a car associated with men. Women were pictured standing next to a Corvette looking pretty and well dressed. In Corvette’s early days’ women didn’t own, drive or even admire such a beautiful car. Times have changed and the automotive industry has changed as well. As the percentage of women who drive Corvettes continues to increase, Terry and June saw a need. They decided to write Ladies & Vettes: A Guide for the Female Corvette Enthusiast to help women learn about America’s favorite and most popular sports car.Ladies & Vettes is for women who love sports cars, especially Corvettes. This is a book for women who want to learn more about the Corvette culture and history and who want to speak knowledgeably about her car.“Ladies & Vettes is a book that is for us by us! That celebrates our love and respect for the corvette and doesn’t apologize for it.”-Terry Marshall and June Bartlett